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Join me, your host Jo Robertson, as I begin this podcasting journey with you. This is a taster of all the good things to come with a touch of humour added at the end!

In this short introduction trailer I’ll be covering my plans for the podcast, letting you know who I am and why I love all things birth and birth photography! If birth is your jam, welcome aboard my friend!

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Episode 17: What’s On-Call Life Actually Like?

Hello and welcome to this short episode where I attempt to explain what being on-call actually feels like.

I also share the top 5 thoughts that enter my brain whilst on a call and give an insight into how I prepare to go on call for potentially 4+ weeks at a time.

It’s only a quicky this week!


Listen to Episode 16 if you haven’t already it’s a plethora of resources all about breast/chestfeeding as I interviewed Lisa Thompson: Listen Here:

Blog post 20 Honest thoughts while on call as a birth photographer: Click the link:

Episode 16: Talks With Lisa Thompson – Breast/Chestfeeding Expert Extraordinaire!

If you’re planning on breast/chestfeeding or are currently on a breast/chestfeeding journey this episode is worth your TIME!

I invited Lisa Thompson (a fellow welsh birth worker) to the show to chat about her expertise and she generously shares so many amazing resources and tips. Topics also include Tandem feeding and Expressing.

Favourite quote from the show was: “It’s a way to continue growing their baby in a beautiful way”

We also chat about the most common myths and old wives tales associated with breast/chestfeeding and touch on neural pathways!

Find some quiet time and grab a notepad & pen and then hit PLAY!

Here’s how you can find/work with Lisa:




Show Notes & Links:

IBCLC Directory:

National Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300 100 0212, 09:30-21:30 daily:

La Leche League online groups:

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (very reasonable online course to help get ready for breastfeeding):

Articles relating to things we discussed:

Tandem feeding:

Expressing (KellyMom is a good resource generally):


Amy Brown’s ‘The Positive Breastfeeding Book’:  

La Leche League’s ‘The Womanly art of Breastfeeding’:

Breast Crawl Video:

PLUS BONUS FREE downloadable Breast/Chestfeeding Audios:

Episode 15: Things I Found On Insta During World Breastfeeding Week!

Just a bite-size one for you today – August 1-7th celebrated world breastfeeding week and I thought I’d gather a few of my favourite Insta finds and share them with you in this episode.

I share tips from various accounts about breastfeeding/chestfeeding support, expressing milk, storing milk and much more. Hit play and tune in.

Show Notes:
Insta accounts and posts mentioned on the show:

@thebirthuprising –

@mommysbundle –

@thebumptobabychapter –

@theecomidwife –

@rosemothethood –

Artwork by @laurenjturberfineart –

@breastfeedingart –

My Insta Reel  @southwales_birthphotographer

Episode 14: Birth Plan in 5 Steps Minus The Overwhelm!

Have you written your birth plan? Maybe you’re unsure where to start or what to include?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you…

Tune into this super quick but informative episode where I share a heap of things you might like to consider adding to your birth plan. Plus if you’re more of a creative, I also cover using a visual birth plan instead.

Hit play…

Show Notes:

Vitamin K Book – Dr Sarah Wickham:

Episode 3 – Ways To Make Your Postpartum Easier:

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Episode 13: A Savvy List For Your Home Birth!

Hello and a warm welcome to episode 13 of the podcast.  Are you planning a home birth and wondering what items you’ll need?

Fear Not, I’ve got you covered in this weeks episode!

I list items that you will need, things that are nice to have and a few things you might consider having, some might surprise you.

Grab a pen and paper and hit play!

Show Notes:

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Everything you want to know about getting a birth pool blog:

A blog post about using a comb during labour:

Affiliate link:  Get a 10 % discount on a TENS machine when you use the code 10LILLIANCRAZE and go here:

Blog Post this Episode was about + see some LUSH images!:

Episode 12: What Sensory Experience Will I Feel From A Digital File?

Hello and welcome to episode 12 of the podcast – A not so birthy one today BUT an important one if you have a pile of images on your phone and they aren’t backed up.

I ask why aren’t we printing our photos and what effect that will have on the next generation. Also: Why your photographer is always trying you sway you into buy prints and wall art.

I uncover some unexpected facts and give you a whole host of marvellous ideas you can do with the images you print out – You’ll like ’em & your children will love ’em!

Enjoy Folks!



Let Me Edited Your Mobile Phone Birth Images (discount available) :

Episode 11: Talks With Antonia & Sean – Clients Extraordinaire!

You’ll need to find time to tune in to this episode for just 37 minutes – it’s a great one! We chat about Antonia being a Midwife, being a Surrogate and the home birth of Una in the middle of a pandemic!

Having both of them on the show giving their unique perspective on their birth story, having it documented and what the images mean to them, was golden. I ask all the questions you’d be curious about.

This was such a lovely interview and chatting with them both give me Goosebumps! Be warned – it might give you goosebumps too! Thank you, Antonia & Sean.

Show Notes & Links:

Blog – Ultan Surrogacy Story:

Surrogacy UK:

Shower Maternity Shots:

Episode 10: For Oskar, Your Birth Story!

Hello and welcome to a very personal episode of the podcast. In this episode, I share my son Oskars birth story. It’s been recorded so that he has a place to come and hear about the day he came into my life.

I talk about where I was giving birth and how taking pethidine meant that huge chunks of my birth were lost. Luckily, my husband was on hand to fill in the gaps. It’s a personal memory capsule that I wanted to share with you too.

Show Notes & Links:

Blog:  A Mega List of Pregnancy & Birth Podcasts Out-There – Click below

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Episode 9: In Their Own Words!

Don’t take my word for it – In today’s episode, I share with you a few reviews I have received over the years. I share this with you so that you can hear what working with me has actually been like for others.

86% of people these days read reviews BEFORE they make a purchasing decision.  I read out reviews from Women and Men which I think might interest you!

Tune in to this 20 ish minute episode – I think you’ll like it!

Show Notes:


YouTube Channel:

Facebook Page:

Episode 8: Super Useful Questions To Ask A Birth Photographer!

Welcome to episode 8 – – >  Are you thinking of hiring a birth photographer?  If so, then this handy list of super useful questions to ask has been made with you in mind!

In this bitesize episode, I’ve rounded up some of the most important questions to ask a birth photographer your considering hiring.  From, what happens if you miss the birth to, will my images be shared online?

Hit Play to find out what else to ask.

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Episode 7: Becoming A Birth Photographer – How It All Started!

Welcome to episode 7, let me take you back in time to where it all began for me as a Birth Photographer.

I get asked “How did you get into birth photography” all the time, so I thought I’d record this episode and fill you in.

In it, I share how difficult it was in the beginning to find someone who’d let me capture their birth and how that 1st birth profoundly changed me. It’s a shortish but insightful episode, hit play and join me.

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Episode 6: Talks With Eva Rose – Birth Photographer Extraordinaire!

Ooo, this is a GOOD one!!

Welcome to episode 6 of the Podcast where I interview my very first guest on the show, Eva Rose. Eva is a beautiful Norweigian birth photographer and Doula who is doing incredible things in the birth world.

I can’t wait for you to sit back and listen to this hour-long episode where we deep dive into ALL THE THINGS!! We talk about her Birth Around The World Tour, the effects of COVID, documenting her sister’s birth, and soooooo much more >>  You’ll have to tune in!

I’ve been friends with Eva for what feels like the longest time via Instagram and we were fortunate enough to meet up with one another last year, which was amazing!

Enjoy Lovely Listeners…

Show Notes:
Take a look at Eva’s Birth Around The World Here:

The MOST beautiful video – The Birth of Perdy:

ABC Birth Centre Oslo, Norway Facebook Page:

Eva’s Instagram:

Eva’s Book – Fodsel:

More Information about Obstetric Fistulas & ways to help:

Episode 5: My Theory About Shower Maternity Shots!

A warm welcome to Episode 5 of the Podcast! Today I’m sharing my theories about why my shower maternity shots have become soooooooo popular! I share what I love about them and give a little insight into what to expect if you ever fancied a session yourself.

I touch on comfort levels and how taking a shower naked is the most natural thing in the world. There’s also a sweet surprise at the end to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I think you’ll enjoy this one – Go for it…

Show Notes:
Watch a Video of me chatting to a client about her shower maternity

As always the BEST place to find me is Insta:

Episode 4: There Was This One Time & Other Stories!

Welcome to episode 4 of the Podcast. Today’s episode is a little different – – > Come and listen in on 5 unique true stories that have happened to me over the course of almost five years! I’ve picked some of the most memorable tales to share with you.

There’s a touch of humor, some embarrassing moments, and one situation that caused me to fall to my knees sobbing (this tale almost broke me!!)

Hit Play!

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Episode 3: Ways To Make Your Postpartum Easier!

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 3 of the Podcast, today I’m talking all about postpartum. Planning for your postpartum can often get overlooked or neglected. In this short episode, I’m sharing a bunch of easy suggestions to make your postpartum time a little easier. 

I’ll be covering how preparing for this time is just as important as preparing for birth and how pre-cooking and batching meals will save you time. I also touch on establishing boundaries and how to be much gentler to yourself after birth.

Just hit play – – > Enjoy!

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Episode 2: Remarkable Things You Can Do With Your Placenta!

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Podcast. In today’s episode, I’ll be exploring some of the remarkable things you can do with your placenta, from consuming it to making a print from it!

Some things might even surprise you, they surprised me, particularly the last one! This is a quick little episode that’ll give you plenty of ideas about what to do with your placenta. It’s loosely based on a blog I wrote a while ago. I’ll leave a link to the blog below as it’s crammed with hyperlinks to all the things I mention.

Thanks for hitting play!

Blog with all the hyperlinks:

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Episode 1: How Looking At Birth Can Actually Help You!

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Podcast. I’ll be sharing how looking at images of birth can actually help you prepare for birth. I’ll also briefly take you back in time and then zoom you back into the present day to tell you how far we’ve come! 

I’ll be sharing some awesome Instagram accounts for you to lookup, the BEST accounts for birth photography in the world. (in my humble opinion)  You’ll have so much to think about after hearing this episode. I hope it’ll give you a whole bunch of ideas! 

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Wait For White:

Birth Becomes You:

Gather Birth:

Eva Rose:

Birth in Pictures eBook – Access it here:

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