20 Honest Thoughts While On-Call for a Birth.

Here are 20 honest thoughts while on call for a birth that I’ve had over the years. Let me start by saying (don’t go) this is not a rant or a moan.

On-call life as a birth photographer is by far the HARDEST part of this work (well, it is for me!).

Being permanently attached to your phone for 24 hours, 7 days per week for sometimes up to 4/5 weeks!

This is why birth photography & doula work demands a certain price tag.

I thought it might be interesting to let you in on some honest thoughts that have crept into my head while on-call.

Here goes…

#1. Check, is your phone on the highest ringtone possible? (- – – > this countless times!)

#2. This dinner looks lush, I hope I get to finish it.

3#. I had such a crap night sleep last night, I hope I can get some rest before the call comes in.

4#. At the supermarket (there’s a queue and the cashier is chatting away to the woman in front like they’ve got all the time in the world) What if she calls now? I’ll have to abandon my trolley!

5#. It’s my child’s sports day/come to see you child’s workday (you get the picture!) Mmm, I might not be able to make it, let’s wait and see. Let the kids know though.

6#. I might miss their birthday. (sons/husband/family/friends)

7#. Quick, have a shower, this feels like a good time. Do it now before it’s too late!

8#. Your batteries are charged, right? Check them again!

9#. Have you topped up the car with petrol? (again)

10#. (In bed) Tossing, and turning. Go to sleep!!! The clock is ticking – Aargh…. just close your eyes and go to bloody sleep!!

and the next 10 thoughts are…

11#. Run a bath, run it now – I hope I’ll have time to get in it?

12#. Aargh no, my periods just started!

13#. Ok, let’s plan to go to the cinema but I might have to leave halfway through the film, prepare for that!

14#. I won’t start cooking that meal, it’ll take to long, forget it.

15#. Please, not today…

16#. I wish I could wear my earplugs tonight.

17#. Better not go out for that meal, it’s too risky, I’ll catch up next time.

18#. This weekend at 3 am would be perfect!!

19#. Don’t walk the dog too far away from the car I have a feeling the call might come in!

20#. Where’s my phone gone? (ahh, it’s right there, glued to me!)

Extra bonus info:

Did you know, when I go on-call for your birth you’ll also automatically get my family and friends too!

I’ll wait for your call (however long it takes and whatever time of day it is ) and drop everything to get to you.

Wait, don’t go just yet…

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