15 Super Useful Questions To Ask A Birth Photographer

Below you’ll find 15 super useful questions you should be asking a birth photographer before you book!

So, you’ve decided you want to have your birth photographed (fabulous!) and now you’re doing a little bit of googling to find the right birth photographer to invite into your birth space.

TRUTH: Having a baby is expensive (there’s no escaping that) and so the temptation to opt for a cheap photographer might be something you’re considering. If it is, proceed with caution, birth photography is not your everyday photo session.

Who you welcome into your birth space matters.

As with any and all professional services you’re investing in quality and the peace of mind that they’ll get the job done and respect your wishes. You’re investing in reliability, knowledge and experience.

Cheaper is not always better and can be risky – will they come when you call?

You’ll find photographers that are looking to start their birth photography business and might be offering portfolio building sessions. There is nothing wrong with this and everyone has to start somewhere, it’s what I did. Asking these questions will be hugely beneficial when deciding if they are the right birth photographer for you.

TOP TIP: Before you book a consultation, spend a little time looking through their website (who doesn’t love a good digging around?)

Ask yourself :

1. Do these images resonate with me?
2. Is there a wide variety of births in the gallery?
3. What have other people said about working with her?

If you’re satisfied and you’ve got butterflies in the pit of your stomach, it’s time to take the next step and get in touch.

Have this super handy list ready and ask away…

1. How many births have you photographed?
2. Are you licenced and insured as a birth photographer?
3. Do you understand the birth process and have knowledge of birth?
4. What if you miss the birth?
5. Are you known to local Midwives and Doulas?

6. Do you have testimonials and reviews I can read?
7. Will my images be shared online?
8. What is the hospital policy for birth photography?
9. What happens if my birth doesn’t go to plan?
10. Do you offer any payment plans or refunds?

11. How long will you be on-call for me and when does it start?
12. How soon do we need to book?
13. Do you have backup equipment?
14. Will you be using flash?
15. How many people can I have at my birth?

Bonus questions:

What if my home birth becomes a hospital transfer?

What if I’m planning a Belly Birth (C-Section) can I still have my birth photographed?

What are your practices around photographing births due to covid – what is the standard procedure?

Do I have to have the crowning shot?

After your consultation, ask yourself:

1. Did you warm to the birth photographer?
2. Are you happy with the answers given?
3. Do you absolutely, positively LOVE their portfolio?
4. Did you come away feeling excited about the prospect of having your birth documented?

If you answered YES to all the above you’re onto a winner-winner!

Take some time to digest the answers and if you felt a connection to the photographer and you love their work,  go for it and make a booking!

Get that instant peace of mind that your birth story is covered!

“We hired Jo to capture and document our sons birth in her magical way so we could look back on it and show him one day how he came into the world. But the support that Jo offered us until the very end and beyond has just been priceless. I can’t even find the words”. – Lynsey

Wait, don’t go just yet…

I hope this has been useful, I have more…

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