If birth photography isn't for you then my Just Born Moments could be the perfect alternative!

Looking for a Newborn session that's natural, relaxing and photographed within the first 48 hours of life with your just born?

Then look no further!


My just born moments are perfect for families looking to remember the haze of the first 48 hours!


Sessions typically take no longer than two hours and include a pre "get to know one another" call.


My just born moments will capture images of you feeding your just born (breast/bottle) gentle skin to skin time, bath time, sibling introductions and everyday moments like making a cuppa!


Let me take care of these memories for YOU. I work in generational time, that means you'll treasure these more and more as the years roll by (and you'll be thanking me in twenty years time!)


Reach out to dig a little deeper and find out more...


What about the price you ask?


My Just Born Moments cost £599 and only require a £99 deposit upon booking (plus I offer super easy payment plans & have a Gift Registry!)


Due to birth story commitments I only offer 2 Just Born Sessions per month - So, it would be wise to get in touch soon to avoid disappointment!


Kind Words:


"Whilst we enjoyed the most blissful, beautiful, sacred moments together, Jo gently captured it all on camera. She did so honouring our space and respecting our needs. I am so grateful, and the pictures are truly magical" - Jessie Waygood