Birth Photography Model Call – Representation & Inclusivity Matters

13/01/21 UPDATE:

Angela from @shecanbirthing  replied to the Model Call I posted in June 2020.  I’m extremely grateful that she answered my call and invited me to document some really special moments for her.

(Two years later) I’m still looking to document a Black or Brown woman’s birth story (includes a 50% discount and a signed Model Release is required). We will have a facetime call FIRST before you go ahead and commit to anything. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable with me.

If you are interested or know someone who might be please – Get in touch here!

Here’s a little of what she said after working with me:

Both shoots were done during the Covid 19 period, Jo made sure she arrived with her hands sanitised as well as wearing a mask and gloves. This was really reassuring.

Both shoots lasted just over an hour, a great time frame. Jo offered ideas and also took on ideas that I had.

Jo made me feel really comfortable with her calming voice and nature.

I am so happy with all the photos she has taken. She has captured these important moments so well. I am a big fan of black and white photography and absolutely love her work”

Here are a few of my favourites from that session but I would love to document a birth story too. If you know anyone who might be interested – please reach out here!

Start of Original post from June 2020:

Just over a week ago I put out a Model Call, here’s what it said:

I hold my hand up.

Over the last couple of weeks and upon reviewing my portfolio. I recognise that my website and work isn’t at all-inclusive and representative of Black and Brown women. I want to make a conscious effort to change this so that Black and Brown women are also inspired by images of birth which include images of women they can relate to.

I’m putting out this model call to diversify my work so that it reflects my belief that representation matters. I’m currently looking for 2 women who would be happy for me to document their home birth. You will receive all the things that come with my birth story package at a 50% discount.  Please reach out to me here if you’re interested

I’m looking for women planning a home birth only.

If you or someone you know is expecting and lives in South Wales or surrounding areas, please reach out to me. If you’re not in this area please let me know where you are to see if it’s possible.

One requirement is that you must be happy to sign a full Model Release.

It feels uncomfortable putting out this model call but it’s even more uncomfortable to sit with no representation of Black and Brown women in my work.

Representation and inclusivity in the birth world is paramount. Are you aware that Black women are 5 times more likely to die in childbirth?

This is an alarming FACT!

You can learn more by viewing this video and you can help by signing a petition here!

The lack of Black and Brown women represented in birth is shocking. We need to see more images of Black and Brown women birthing in Magazines, in Midwifery manuals and on Birthing websites.

The list is endless.

I have received messages from Black and Brown women who have reached out to tell me why this Model Call is important to them. Here’s what one lovely lady said:

“People don’t realise the power of representation. Of seeing yourself up there and being able to see yourself in that situation. It’s commendable that you’ve taken time to not only reflect but take it a step further by trying to diversify, it will impact so many women”

 2 Space Available – Get in touch here!

I won’t stop looking or reaching out because representation matters to me.

If you’re a Black or Brown woman and you’re expecting a babe and you’d be interested in having your birth documented, please reach out. We will have a facetime call FIRST before you go ahead and commit to anything. You need to feel comfortable with me.

I would love to connect with you.

Thank you.

Here’s some brilliant Instagram accounts that support Black and Brown birthing women for you to follow:











Image credit is given to Carmen Bridgewater – Fort Worth Birth Photographer whose work is stunning, please take the time to view it.

You can also visit her gorgeous website Here!