A Savvy List For Your Home Birth!

I’ve gathered a list of items that I’ve seen used in the many home births I’ve attended as a birth photographer and doula.

Sometimes it’s great to have one list – Agreed?

I’ve broken it down into items you’ll – Need, Nice To Have and Consider Having.

I hope you find it helpful, if you think anything is missing, let me know, I’d be happy to add to it.

Ok – – > Here Goes:

Items You’ll Need:

Old Clean Towels (about 8-10) + a big one for you if you’re planning on using a birth pool

Puppy Pads (2/3 packs)

Shower Curtain (1/2) or Tarpaulin

Plenty of Blankets

A Bucket

Dressing Gown

Clothes & Nappies for Babe

Maternity Pads or Pants (plenty)


Bin Bags

Hair Bands (trust me on this one)

Bottle with a Straw

Container with a Lid for the Placenta (unsure what to do with your placenta? Click Here!)

Hospital Bag Packed in Case of Transfer

Plenty of Snacks to Keep Energy Levels Up (excellent recipe!)

Favourite Pair of Comfy PJs!!

Mobile Phone & Charger

Your Birth Plan

Nice To Have Items:

Birth Pool & All the Parafanaila (check out this blog!)

Birth Ball

TENS Machine (get 10% discount when you use the code 10LILLIANCRAZE & then go here)

Music Playlist

Candles or LED Candles

Fairy Lights


Comb (check out why here!)

Massage Oils

Frankincense on a Handkerchief

Fan (if it’s warm)

Paracetamol for After Birth


Hot Water Bottle

Small Cushion to Rest your Head on the Side of the Pool

Things To Consider:


Using Hypnobirthing For Breathing Techniques

Positive Affirmations

Birth Photographer


Tea & Coffee for Your Home Birth Team (not required but a nice gesture)

Pictures of your Family Around You (if they can’t attend your birth)

Lucozade as a High Enegry Drink

Frozen Watermelon

A Sign to Go on the Front Door to Say “Home Birthing”

And that concludes my list – Happy Home Birthing!

Before you go.

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