Are you torn between hiring a Birth Photographer or having a Doula?

Relax and breathe, you've come to the right place!


Hello, I'm Jo Robertson! I'm here to give you the knowledge and resources that'll help you plan and prepare for your birth.

I'll also provide gentle reassuring support during labour, birth and postpartum as your Doula.

Equipping you with the right tools to make an informed choice around how you'd like to birth.

Turns out, I'd been holding the birth space and doing the role of a doula at many of the births I attended as a birth photographer, so I underwent full doula training!

My ability to read the birth space has enabled me to capture some beautiful, quiet moments during labour and birth.

My empathetic ways mean I can support you and your partner in a way that brings both comfort and maintains intimacy.

Whether you choose to work with me as a doula, birth photographer, or both:

Your birth matters to me, full stop!

"When we hired Jo we had no idea how invaluable Jo would become. I look back on my birth and wonder if Jo had not been there how we would have gotten through it. I would never give birth again without hiring Jo. It's the best decision and investment we've ever made!"  - Lynsey Legz

How Can I Help?

Firstly, we've got to talk - that means getting on the phone to see if we're a good fit!

Once you've secured your birth with a deposit are journey begins...

I'll be available to answer any questions by phone, text, face time or email

I'll help you plan and prepare for your birth in the comfort of your own home.

I'll arm you with some brilliant resources and book recommendations

I'll provide helpful information if you choose to breastfeed.

I'll support you during labour, birth & postpartum with some gentle encouragement and a hand to squeeze as much or as little as you need.

I'll run you a warm bath or get the shower prepared for whenever you're ready.

I'll be sure to nourish you with tea and toast or with whatever takes your fancy.

Depending on which package you choose I can capture this time for you!

We'll get together again during your postpartum and debrief your birth.


What about price, you ask?

My Basic Doula Package starts at £699 (variety of packages available)

Payment plans are available at no additional cost

Option to add full birth photography coverage or just have your postpartum moments documented.

Limited to one booking per month

I certified as a Doula in May 2019 after a year-long in-depth mentoring course with Samara Hawthorn at Well Mama Doula, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Gaining this certification has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that working with women and families to support and capture their birth stories is my true calling!