What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is the full photographic coverage of your birth, labour and up to 1 to 2 hours postpartum. Its capturing precious moments that will only exist once. It is your birth story recorded by a professional birth photographer in an artistic documentary style that you will cherish forever.

Do you just photograph home births?

No, I also photograph hospital births and birthing centres. If your planning a c-section please get in touch with options. Wherever you choose to birth your baby, hiring me to photograph it will be a great investment.

How involved will you be and will I notice you?

Mostly I will try to blend into the background and move quietly around you, waiting for the moment to click. I’m respectful of your space and the other members of your birth team.

I try to photograph your birth with all available light sources. It is essential that there is a light source available. During the night when natural light is unavailable, I might use a flash, but this will be diffused and will be bounced off the ceiling.

When should I make a booking?


I am limited to the number of births I can photograph per month. It is vital that you book and pay the £200.00 deposit to secure your due date. The remaining balance will be due at our 37-week consultation. Please get in touch to see if your due date is available.

I also offer payment plans whereby you can spread the cost (no interest is incurred) – please get in touch.

I think my baby is coming and labour is starting – when should I call?

My camera bag and I will be ready and prepared for your call from 38 weeks if you think labour has begun please telephone me straight away (yes, even if its 2 am in the morning!) Our first contact should be made via telephone, any further updates can be sent via text. More about when to contact me on my T&C.

Once it’s confirmed you’re in established labour and are at least 3-4cm dilated I will make my way to you at your chosen birth place. If it is your 2nd or 3rd baby you will need to contact me as soon as you think labour has begun.

Please make sure you pass my number to everyone involved in your birth. It is important to allocate someone within your birth team to telephone me and keep me updated. This is important to ensure I make it on time to your birth.

What if I give birth prematurely?

If you go into labour before your 38 weeks I will do my very best to get to you and start documenting your story. If I’m unable to get to you because I’m at another birth, I will try to be with you within 48 hours.

What if I’ve planned a natural delivery and I’m rushed into theatre for an emergency c-section?

Births are unpredictable, usually, if you’re rushed in for a c-section its classified as an emergency. In these instances I may not be permitted into theatre this will be up to the hospital staff. However, I can still record the moments before and after.

What if something is wrong with my baby?

This is a difficult one…

All births are different and all are unpredictable.

We will discuss this in more depth during our consultation. Ultimately it’s your choice if you want me to continue to document I will. If you’d like me to stop and leave I will respect your wishes.

Why would I want to hire a birth photographer?

You could argue that your partner, midwife, doula or family member could photograph your birth, and they could, but wouldn’t you want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and whose only job is to take photographs? Besides, these people are a huge part of your birthing team and should be part of your story. A birth photographer also has the best equipment and technical knowledge for photographing births. They possess an artistic eye and have excellent editing skills using professional photographic software. You make the decision to hire a professional wedding photographer because you want artistic, beautiful professional images of this ONE day. The ONE day your baby is born is equally as important as your wedding day. Investing in a professional birth photographer is a great step in the right direction. Once booked you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Another reason to hire a professional is sometimes your memory of your labour and birth can be hazy and difficult to recall. You won’t witness all the incredible events as they unfold. You won’t notice the way your husband/partner will look at you with deep emotion and amazement, but a birth photographer will. A birth photographer will watch and observe and will release the shutter at the perfect time and preserve an incredible moment.

I pride myself on working unobtrusively and quietly within your birthing space. I wait for the decisive moment and view the events as they unfold through the lens of my camera. I will see and capture all the details, all the support, all the emotion and all the things that matter.

What if I’m not happy about having the ‘crowning’ shot taken?

Everyone is different, and everyone wants their birth photographed differently. The crowning shot is actually quite a popular request, it is your body doing something wonderful and quite often women are intrigued and request this image. For others, it’s a matter of finding an alternative spot and respecting your wishes. There are many different angles and perspectives in the birth space to work with. I am devoted to photographing your birth the way you want it. We can discuss your comfort levels in more depth during our consultation.

How long will you stay?

I will stay as long as it takes to deliver your baby. I also like to stay up to two hours after birth to document and record those first precious moments when you hold and see your baby for the first time. I also aim to capture the first skin to skin, the cord cutting, the placenta, the first feed, the weighing and all the baby checks that are carried out – All the moments that you will want to look back on and enjoy, all the moments that matter.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

I’m based in Porthcawl and am perfectly situated on the M4 corridor.

I can cover all areas within an hour of Porthcawl in either direction. Please get in touch with your location if you think I may not cover it as I am very flexible and am happy to travel further if requested.

Do I need to let my Doctor/Midwife/Doula know I’ve hired a birth photographer?

Yes please, this is very important. If any of them would like to meet me beforehand or have any questions, please pass on my details. I would be more than happy to meet with them to discuss any concerns they may have. This would also give me an opportunity to discuss if they are happy to be photographed.

When will we receive our photographs?

I aim to have your images delivered to you within 14/21 days from the date of your birth. If after this time, you choose an album as an additional extra, turn around for an album is 4/5 weeks from the day you confirm proofing.

I hope this information has been helpful and has answered some of your questions or concerns – if there is anything else you would like to know that hasn’t been covered please get in touch.