Honest, powerful, artistic and deeply moving birth photography for awe-inspiring women and birthing people in South Wales and surrounding areas!

What is birth photography?

In a nutshell birth photography is the full photographic coverage of your labour, birth and postpartum.

It's documented moments from your birth that cannot be rehearsed, paused, or reproduced.

I know you've been planning a lot for this baby, much like you would plan for a wedding.

Therefore, wouldn't you want something magical and tangible to own at the end of it?

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"You don't need to make sense of the reason why having your birth photographed is calling to you, you just have to trust that the calling feels right!"

So, what's included?


  • 24/7 on-call time from 38 weeks until your babe arrives.
  • Coverage of your labour, birth and up to two hours postpartum.
  • A web-ready image within 24 hours
  • Grand Gallery Reveal within 21 working days with a choice of the finest products to select from.
  • Postpartum facetime call 4/5 weeks after birth - - > because debriefing is super important.
  • My experience and knowledge of working within the birth space + a fantastic bunch of testimonials to back that.
  • Complimentary Maternity session at 37 weeks (5 digital files supplied)
  • Connection, Support, Resources and little extras along the way like Snail Mail

" For anyone who is unsure, or thinks it's too expensive, please take a leap of faith. It'll be one of the best decisions and investments you will make and you'll be in very safe hands if you choose Jo as your birth photographer - there's no way you'd regret it, but you may regret not booking her!" - Lauren

What about the price, you ask?

Let's talk through the options available so you make the best possible choice.

Yes, via video because this is a Big Deal and we should see if we're a good fit!

(Transparency) My Basic Birth photography packages start at £1175.00 and require a £350 deposit to secure your booking.

There's also the option to add Doula Care for an additional £300

Do I have options to spread the cost?

Absolutely, I'm always open to finding ways to make birth photography possible for you.




Birth Photography Bookings for 2022 are OPEN!!


Without freaking you out - - > There are only 9 spaces LEFT!

Hand on Heart - - > I'm big on finding connections, forging relationships and building trust, therefore I choose to work with a very limited number of women and families so that you're guaranteed my undivided, personal attention.

Another thing you should probably know is - All my work is lovingly hand-edited and converted into black and white for an iconic look and feel with a touch of softness.

Find out if your guess date is still available by getting in touch right now... (...you know you want to!)

Getting touch looks like filling in my - - > Contact Form (the being brave part) and then talking human to human.  Finding out if we connect and are aligned is how I roll!


"I have never heard of anyone regretting hiring a birth photographer, but I have heard from plenty who have regretted not hiring one"


Planning on using a TENs Machine for labour?

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(Transparency is my jam - yes, if you go via this affiliate link I will benefit from a small payout, and I thank you in advance!)