My Theory About Maternity Shower Sessions!

My theory about maternity shower sessions and why they’ve become so popular. Plus what to expect should you ever wish to book one.

Here’s what I came up with…

When I broke it down, I discovered there were two main factors.

One theory is that showering is something we all do naturally, so it doesn’t feel odd. Being naked in the shower is how we shower.

My second theory is because you’re behind a sheet of glass or a curtain there is some kind of barrier between us.

This sheet of glass also gets covered in water droplets or will steam up, which further helps to mask or conceal your nakedness.

You won’t feel fully exposed.

When you combine both of these factors, you’ll automatically relax.

This is a beautiful way to document your pregnancy without feeling exposed.

I bitterly regret not having a maternity session when I was pregnant with both my babes.  I wasn’t comfortable in my body and the only options available at the time were studio-based photography.

Don’t be like me…

Don’t accept a quick snapshot or a selfie in the mirror – – >  honour this stage of your life.

Did you know that all birth stories booked automatically come with a Maternity session?

Another reason, I think my maternity shower sessions are so alluring is how artistic they look once edited. I love honing in on the droplets of water and capturing the atmospheric mood created by the steam.

Quite often, I’ll encourage my clients to put their hands on the glass or to press their bump up to the glass. The texture of the skin with water is divine.

There’s also something quite abstract about these images. Often, I zoom in on curves and the natural lines of the body.

And the best part is…

You don’t have to leave the house, I come to you.

Although, I’d be totally up for shower scouting (if that’s a thing?)

From a photographic perspective, there’s another reason why I think showers work so well as a location for my maternity shower sessions, and it’s…

Leading lines!

They’re everywhere in bathrooms.

I use the lines of the tiles, the edge of the glass or the rim of the bath. Using these lines makes for some interesting angles.

Another thing I always try to use is mirrors and reflections, which can produce some great results!

I love the challenge that comes from shooting in a shower. For example, most of the time I’ve no idea how big or small the space might be, and the only important question I ask is:

Is there a Window?

Practical information about my Maternity Shower Sessions:

  • You’ll only be in the shower for 10-15minutes or so and it’s always the last thing I shoot during a maternity session. So when we finally get round to the shower, you know the session will be over soon.
  • Controlling the temperature of the water, it can’t be too hot (too much steam) or not too cold (for obvious reasons)
  • I also have a pre-session video call so we can meet one another before I come. This is a great time to work out your comfort levels and to bounce around some ideas.

The feedback from these sessions is overwhelmingly positive (which I love) and I have a theory about this too.

I think the women who book these maternity shower sessions feel liberated afterwards.

It’s difficult to imagine what the results will look like.

A huge part of the magic of photography that still exists for me today is the WAIT.

When you hire a professional photographer you have to WAIT to see the images.

The WAIT is the most magical part because it builds and feeds your excitement.

Did you know, I offer Maternity Shower Session even if you don’t want your birth photographed?

Several clients hire me to photograph their maternity and newborn stage instead of their birth story.

And therein lays my theories.

Reach out here if you’d like to be seen this way too.


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