"You deserve better than blurry phone photos from the moment you entered motherhood"

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Hello, I'm Jo Robertson an experienced birth photographer and doula. I capture the strength and courage of awe-inspiring women who want to give birth on their own terms, taking care to record a series of breathtaking, raw images without the feeling of intrusion.

As a certified doula, I offer gentle support before, during and after birth. I work with women and families all over South Wales and the surrounding areas.

I'm also a proud contributor for Juno Magazine and have a bi-monthly column called Birth in Pictures. It's where I share my birth work and thoughts about being a birth photographer, be sure to take a look!


Now booking birth stories in 2020


I've only allocated 18 spots for the whole of this year for birth photography

and 7 have gone already!


Talking to me is free!

Reach out to see if your guess date is available.

If you're looking to hire a birth photographer who's experienced, trained as a Doula and has a ton of excellent reviews and happy past clients to back that, you've come to the right place.


What's it really like having your birth photographed?

I asked my lovely past client this question and this is what she said...


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"For anyone who is unsure, or thinks it's too expensive, please take a leap of faith. I'll be one of the best decisions and investments you will make and you'll be in very safe hands if you choose Jo as your birth photographer - there's no way you'd regret it, but you may regret not booking her!" - Lauren Metcalfe

What about the price, you ask?

I could be that person who just throws pricing at you and leaves you to "figure it out", but I'm not.

Let's talk through the options available so you make the best possible choice.

Yes, on the phone because this is a big deal and we should see if we're a good fit!

Basic Birth photography coverage starts at £1050 (variety of packages available)

With the option to add on doula care for an additonal £227

Spreading the cost is available with every package at no additional charge, just ask!


"The photographs are incredible!! Intimate, artistic, flattering and so, so special"

Jessica Mead

How's it work?

  • Book a super relaxed (non-salsey) call.
  • On our call, we'll go through absolutely EVERYTHING!
  • Choose the package that ticks all your YES boxes.
  • Once your deposit of £300 is paid you'll get instant peace of mind that documenting your birth and getting the support you want is covered!
  • Let the excitement begin (yay!!!)
  • Good to know: I only work with two birth photography clients per month & my calendar does fill up quickly.

"Our photos are so special and each one speaks a thousand words. I can't recommend enough having a photographer for your birth - birth is unpredictable, beautiful, life changing and most of all...easily forgotten by the labouring mother". - Phoebe Wright

I'm devoted to capturing the most profound moments of childbirth. I document all the moments from your birth that cannot be rehearsed, paused or reproduced.

I also offer your partner the ability to be fully present during your birth instead of fumbling with settings and Instagram filters!

Click here if you'd like to hire me but your partner isn't convinced.


"I find it hard to put into words how grateful I am to have had Jo at my birth. She was professional, discreet and the memories she captured so beautifully will forever be there for me to look back on... priceless!

Absolutely priceless!!

Thank you, Jo, for being part of this momentous occasion and documenting the emotions in such an accurate and artistic way".


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