“When my daughter told me she was having a birth photographer, I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about it. I wanted my daughter to feel relaxed and comfortable without a camera being shoved in her face and I worried that this would also be a distraction and an intrusive experience.

How wrong was I!!!!!

We met the birth photographer prior to the birth and it immediately felt like we had known each other for years, she is so warm and natural with us.

When the day arrived, she slipped into the room, made herself known to us all then she slipped into the background. It was not intrusive, in fact, we all forgot she was there, however not only did she photograph the birth, she captured the emotion of each moment of everyone there.

The photographs are absolutely outstanding, much more than we could have anticipated and she captured a moment in time that would have otherwise only been stored in our memories.

I cannot thank and praise her enough. There are no words to describe how thrilled, delighted and privileged we are to have had her document the birth of our first grandchild.”

Grandmother to Zach

“Jo captured the emotion of each moment.” -Audrey

“I was apprehensive of the dynamic of having a photographer along for our birth ride, but Jo was both a delight and a breath of fresh air in our midst! Unobtrusive and attentive in equal and appropriate measure. The quality of the images she captured, both emotional and photographic, make me smile from the inside out every time I look at them. We are so very glad to have had her on board, an opportunity not to be missed!”

Mother of Enzo

“What a wonderful lady Jo is, so warm and welcoming as though we had already met! I’m so pleased with the service and the photos we have received from her. Jo has done an absolutely wonderful job, thank you again. I highly recommend her.”


“I was a bit nervous about what to expect with having a birth photographer but Jo laid all my fears at rest. A lovely lady with a very special eye for a picture. The scenes that she captured are amazing! We were very glad to have her around as she was a joy to be with. A happy friendly person with respect of what we had going on. So unobtrusive at that times we hardly knew she was there. She was totally part of our birth experience and I highly recommend her. Thank you so very much Jo!”

Father to Enzo

“I was really excited to have a photographer be at the birth but started to doubt it as we got close to the due date. During the labor, which was a long one, I didn’t want a lot of people around so I wasn’t sure about having a photographer but I also didn’t want to regret not having her. I was so glad that we called Jo. She was very respectful of our space and made sure she wasn’t in our way. I knew she was around but I was in my own zone. She kept aligned with keeping the space peaceful. She is just a beautiful spirit. I absolutely love all the photos I got from her. I’m so grateful that she was able to capture the special moments my daughter was born, Thank you Jo!!!”

Mother of Zia Phoenix

“She is just a beautiful spirit.” – Liza

“Absolute spectacular service. Such a warm lovely lady who does everything with a smile. She’s so good you don’t even know she’s there. Would recommend to everyone.”

Father to Zach

“I wasn’t a fan of having a birth photographer. I thought she would get in the way and spoil the intimacy. I am glad to report I was wrong. I didn’t even realise she was there. She was discreet, and the end results were magnificent. It was incredible to look back on the most beautiful moment of my life, and even more so for my wife. I would recommend Jo in a heartbeat. What a beautiful, amazing and talented woman.”

Father to Zia Phoenix

“Such an amazing experience having Jo at Zach’s birth. She made every effort at all times to make everyone calm, comfortable and able to enjoy the moment. The photos are just to die for. They are moments that I am so glad were captured and so perfectly. I honestly hardly remember her being there, once to say that she had arrived and after everything was over.

Meeting up before had and having the maternity shoot made sure there was nothing awkward between us and I can honestly say that I feel so close to Jo after everything and can’t wait for round 2!!”

Mother of Zach

“The photos are just to die for. They are moments that I am so glad were captured and so perfectly.” – Ffion

“When my friend told me about birth photography I was very unsure. I didn’t like the idea of someone there with me and taking pictures. However, when I looked into birth photography and met with Jo my opinion quickly changed. She was so down to earth and compassionate. She stayed with me the whole time and even helped out when my Mum fainted! She played a massive role in the birth of my child and the images are beautiful!! I will cherish them always. It was the best experience of my life. I would give Jo a million stars if I could and would recommend her to everyone. Thank you Jo!”

Mother of Tyler Lee