Maternity Session ~ Getting your bump in the frame!

I made the decision last year to introduce maternity sessions as part of my birth photography business in South Wales. I figured maternity and birth go hand in hand and therefore decided that every birth story booked in 2019 would receive a complimentary maternity session as part of the service.

Let me take you on a little adventure and introduce you to my maternity work, I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

The moment we discover two blue lines, our journey to motherhood begins.

Booking a professional maternity session with a photographer has become the “done thing”. Often these sessions are studio or location based and that’s great if that’s what floats your boat.

Although, what if you’re craving something a bit more natural?

I’m offering a maternity session with a difference.

How does:

  • Staying at home, sound?
  • Using just natural and available light, sound?
  •  Being surrounded by the things you love, that relaxes you, that you’ll want to remember, sound?
  • Treating yourself to something special, sound?

Sound good?

Am I ticking some of your yes boxes?

Here are some kind words from a lovely client:

“For anyone wondering whether or not to have a maternity session with Jo, just go for it!! Jo is absoultely fantastic and makes you feel so comfortable” – Lynsey

Opening the doorway and offering maternity sessions has enabled me to get my creative juices flowing again. I want to document the new shape your body has transformed into and celebrate the life that grows within it.  Let me record how you are in this moment in an artistic way that you’ll cherish. I want to photograph you in a way that oozes natural beauty and will bring a smile to your face everytime you see it.

How does it all work, Jo?

I’m pleased you asked, it’s ridiculously easy:

  • Book your session via my website
  • I’ll call you via facetime so we can plan & schedule the session
  • Shooting time (no longer than an hour)
  • Your gallery delivered in 10 working days – simples!

As with my birth photography, I will only work around your comfort levels – talk to me, tell me what you’d love captured and I’ll create it for you!

I won’t rush our time together, often the best images I make are the ones that happen at the end of our session (bizarre right?)

If you’ve been scouring the internet looking for a maternity session with a difference, that pacifies that black and white documentary style itch you love.

You’re in luck, you can officially stop looking!

Often (and because I’m a very visual person) I find images help more than the written word.

So, let me show you what you can expect to receive when we work together. Let’s capture something really special!

Wait, don’t go just yet…

Do you love Instagram? (particularly birth photography accounts) Then you’ll LOVE this!