Let’s Take a Look Back on 2022!

It’s become quite a custom to take a few moments at the end of the year and just look back on all that I did.

Firstly, I’d love to thank all the fabulous clients who have chosen to work with me this year, without whom I would be at a loss.

I have attended and supported many beautiful births this year that will stay with me always.

What surprised me was how popular my Maternity & Newborn bundle was! I have loved capturing all the before and after photographs.

Here’s the low down in no particular order…

I published 14 episodes of The Adventures of a Birth Photographer

The MOST listened-to episodes were:

I did take a much-needed break from September onwards but the Podcast will be back next year – you can  Subscribe Here

My most popular blogs were:

I wrote SIX articles for Juno magazine

If you’d love to check out Juno Magazine Go Here and use this code NNJROB21 for a 10% discount (you’re welcome)

12 monthly letters went out to the fabulous people who open and read my letters every month – DM me your email here and I’ll add you!

Finally, I found the courage to tell people about The Birth Library (which didn’t go so well 😶)

However, I took on board all the feedback and have created an ETSY store where birth workers from anywhere in the world can buy birth stock bundles at a very reasonable price to use in their birth business!

I’d love for you to give my little shop a like and follow and if anything takes your fancy – snap up a bundle.

Click Here To See My Etsy Store – TheBirthVault

A total of 10 aspiring birth photographers took the leap and booked an hours Zoom call with me to Pick My Brains and ask me ANYTHING!

If you’d love to dive into the world of birth photography but you’d rather not make a HUGE investment right now – Book a Call With Me Here and I’m all yours for an HOUR.

Here’s what one aspiring birth photographer said:

“I spent an hour on a recorded Zoom meeting with Jo for a “Pick my brain” chat & I am so happy with the amount of invaluable information Jo has provided me with. She is warm, kind and caring – I can tell she takes a real interest in her clients and is just an overall lovely person. Thank you so much, Jo”

Check out my new page The Birth Vault for more ways I can help you – Go Here!

Finally, BabyCareTens invited me to write a guest blog for them – you can take a look HERE

and that’s a wrap…

Once I hit publish on this, I’m off for Christmas and it’ll be the first time in 5 years I won’t be on call – Chances of a large Sherry later are 👉 100%!!

Over & Out