How Much Is It Going To Cost?

How much is this going to cost? – Let’s talk about it.

Ahh, Ye Olde’s dilemma of…

to have or not to have your prices on your website,

that is the question.

At this particular moment in time, we are going through a rise in the cost of living which is eye-watering!

So, I feel it’s more important than ever to be upfront and honest about what things cost.

This immediately does two things:

It saves your time and it saves my time.

I’m willing to bet that 99% of the people who visit my website want to find out


and that’s totally normal.

In all honestly, if I’m interested in something I want to invest in, I want to know the price too.

In the past, I’ve mistakenly made the decision not to have my prices on show. I thought if I could get people on the phone, meet up for a coffee etc, I’d be able to connect with them before I mentioned the price tag.

And sure enough, this method brought in more enquiries and I spoke with lots more peeps and I bought a shed load of coffees!

But you know what…

this way didn’t sit well with me, it never felt right.

Like that feeling when you walk into a fancy store and nothing has the price on it!!

Your left wondering, “Can I afford this?”

And this path always lead to an awkward, uncomfortable conversation. One that was looming and heavy. I’d dread it when they’d ask :

How much was this going to cost?

I was often confronted with shocked reactions which inevitably lead to a yucky sales pitch. To try and somehow prove my worth.

No thanks!

That just felt awkward for both of us.

I don’t want you to feel “sold” to.

If I’d had my starting price on my website I would have saved us both so much time and effort.

So I decided to add my starting price to my website, sharing it loud and proud and I haven’t looked back since.

I share it so, it totally eliminates the elephant in the room –


it leaves room for resonance and connection

It frees us both up to figure out if we were a good fit for one another, spend time chatting to see if we gel – instead of can I afford this?

Sometimes we just need upfront facts & some time.

When you have a figure of what it’s going to cost you – you can make a PLAN!!

Honesty, transparency and integrity are all high values I hold in my business.

I’d be doing you a HUGE disservice by making you guess how much it might be to hire me.

Or to make you jump through a series of hoops before I disclose the ONE thing you wanna know…


Nope, I won’t put you through that.

AND if you need to know me more before you invest?

getting to know me, before investing looks like this:

Once you how much my services cost – we’re halfway there!


What I’m interested in is, finding a rapport, making connections, having honest conversations, and maintaining the trust and for me, it all starts with being transparent about my prices.

Price is nearly always the number one reason people visit my website, it might be why you’re here right now, reading this?

I won’t make you jump through hoops – not a single one.

You’ll know the price BEFORE you fill out my contact form

Doing it this way feels right to me.

I’ve got nothing to hide…

In fact, I personally find it frustrating and annoying as hell when I visit a website and there’s no mention of their prices – you have to fill out a form!

My Starting From Price can be found on this right here!

I raise my prices every so often because the value I offer improves through experience and time. So, in a truly transparent fashion, this is a good time to let you know that my prices will be going up in January 2023.