Should You Hire a Birth Photographer?

To answer that question, why not listen to three different women’s birth experiences. Hear first-hand what it was like having me there taking photographs.

I’ve uploaded these videos to my YouTube Channel

In the videos below, I ask my clients all the questions you might have about hiring a professional birth photographer.

In case you’ve not stumbled upon professional birth photography, these women tell you straight up what it was like. It might even encourage you to make an enquiry.

Birth Photography is so much more than you could imagine. I also include images from each of their births throughout the videos as we chat (look out for them)

First up is Phoebe

I photographed her first birth, which began as a home birth and then became a hospital transfer. I was then invited back to photograph the birth of her second son at home

Here is Phoebe and I reminiscing.

Next up is Lynsey

Who hired me to document the birth of her son Arlo (I later went on to photograph the birth of her daughter too)

In this video, we chat about the reasons why Lynsey hired me. We also cover what she loved most about working with me.

Dive in below…

Finally, sink in and listen to Lauren’s Birth story.

She hired me to come and photograph the home birth of her son.

We chat about what Lauren’s husband thought of hiring a birth photographer before, during and after birth.

Here’s a testimonial from him:

“When my wife first mentioned getting a birth photographer I raised an internal eyebrow and said something neutral enough to give my brain time, to kick in and stop my mouth from saying what I was actually thinking”.

“Fast forward a couple of months and asking Jo to capture one of the greatest days of our lives is one of the best decisions we made. So much happens that you don’t see. So much happens that you see but will never remember.

And while you think you can remember…

Jo’s photographs capture the atmosphere, the details and the emotion that your sleep-deprived and overloaded brain just can’t hope to deal with”.

“You wouldn’t think twice about getting a photographer for your wedding so don’t think twice about asking Jo to be your birth photographer. The only newborn photos I’ve ever shown of my son are photos that Jo took. I look back at my remarkably crappy iPhone photos of when my daughter was born and I just wish we’d met Jo sooner. Your mates may give you some banter for having a birth photographer; let them do it. As a dad who loves his kids, this is the best way to capture an amazing part of your life”.

Hit play on this final video…

I hope these videos have helped to answer some questions you might have about hiring me to photograph your birth.

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