Maternity and Newborn Photos During a Pandemic

Here's how you can still plan on having maternity and newborn photos taken during a pandemic!

Since COVID, I've been forced to think of creative ways women can still have the most incredible chapters of their lives preserved. Because preservation is crucial.

I've started offering Thru Glass Sessions and my clients and I are loving them!

Let me tell you what Thru Glass Sessions are, how they work and how you can book a session.

Thru glass sessions are mini sessions, so they won't take long. I won't ever enter your home and I'll only photograph you from outside looking in. I'll use the windows and glass doors of your home to do this.

It's an experimental session and allows us to explore something out of the ordinary. The glass and reflections add a real arty edge to the image.

Are you craving something different?

I'll come wearing a mask and will keep a safe distance at all times. I won't touch you or babe and we can communicate using our phones on speaker if needed.

I like to know who I'm meeting and I'm pretty sure you're not keen on a stranger showing up at your house either. So, we'll have a quick (painless) video call before I come. This way we can meet one another beforehand and chat about the session. On the call, we'll also cover what to wear and we'll plan some shots by talking about the different windows or doors of your home that we could use. I'll also answer any questions you have.

The best part is these sessions last no longer than 20 minutes, so you'll have the rest of the day to do whatever you like. Edited images are then sent via an online gallery for you to view within 10 working days.

Why not own something that tells a story about the times we are living in?

Honestly, when was the last time you treated yourself? (Mmmm???)

The sessions fee is only £79!!

A tiny investment, that won't break the bank!

You'll also be supporting a small business - (yes, after booking you'll experience that warm, fuzzy feeling inside!)

You can learn more here: Tell Me More About Thru Glass Sessions!

"The session was short and non-intrusive, social distancing was adhered to at all times. All I had to do was cuddle my new baby, the results were better than I could ever imagine. If I ever have another child, I'll be saving from one day so that I can have my whole birth photographed" - Alex

Despite what's going on in the world women are still having babies. The time before the baby arrives should be documented, the time during birth should be documented and the time after birth should be documented because you won't have this time back again.

Yes, I'm still booking home births - Click here for details!

Need a gentle nudge?

Sometimes a photograph speaks louder than words.

How about I just show you what my Thru Glass Sessions look like...



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Best of luck!!