The Most FAQ’s About Hiring A Birth Photographer!

What’s the most FAQ’s about hiring a birth photographer? I’ll let you know via this handy blog that you can digest at your leisure!

What’s reassuring about each of these questions is their commonality. Everyone’s wondering the same thing!

Put the kettle on and grab your favourite bikkie…

Number 1: What exactly is Birth Photography?

Birth photography, in a nutshell, is the full photographic coverage of your birth, labour and up to 1 to 2 hours postpartum. It’s hiring a professional photographer to come and capture all the moments that matter during one of the most transformational days of your life. Moments that will only exist once and that can not be rehearsed, paused or taken again.

Number 2: Do you just photograph home births?

Nope, I also photograph hospital births and birth centres. If you’re planning a c-section please get in touch to discuss available options. I document your birth as it unfolds wherever that may be. 

Number 3: How involved will you be and will I notice you?

Mostly I’ll blend into the background and move quietly around you. I’m respectful of your space and the other members of your birth team. I recently trained to be a Doula and so I’m happy to put on my Doula hat if you wish.

I try to photograph your birth with all available light sources. During the night when natural light is unavailable, I might use a flash, but this will be diffused and bounced off the ceiling. We’ll talk in-depth on our call about the use of flash and my involvement during your birth.

Number 4: When should I make a booking?

Immediately… (no kidding!)

I’m limited to 2 births per month to maintain the high quality of service I provide. If you’re interested in working with me I recommend booking a free call to find out if we’re a great fit for one another. 

TOP TIP: I advise discussing beforehand with your partner to see how they feel about hiring a birth photographer. Click here if you’d like to hire me but your partners not convinced! 

As a bonus, all my birth stories come with a complimentary Maternity Session!

Getting in touch to see if your due date is still available is the first step. My calendar and availability fill up quickly.

Payment plans are also an option whereby you can spread the cost (no extra interest) and I offer Gift Vouchers Here!

Number 5: I think my baby is coming and labour is starting – when should I call?

My camera bag and I will be ready and prepared for your call from 38 weeks if you think labour has begun I ask that you or a family member telephones me straight away (yes, even if its 2 am in the morning!) Our first communication MUST be made via telephone. More about when to contact me is listed in my contract.

Number 6: What if I give birth prematurely?

If you go into labour before 38 weeks I will do my very best to get to you and start documenting your story. If I’m unable to get to you because I’m at another birth, I will try to be with you within 48 hours.

But what if I’ve planned a natural delivery and I’m rushed into theatre for an emergency c-section?

Birth is unpredictable and we never know how it will progress, usually, if you’re rushed into theatre it’s classed as an emergency. In these instances I may not be permitted into theatre, this will be up to the hospital staff. If I’m not permitted I will still record the moments before and after.

Number 7: What if something is wrong with my baby?

This is a difficult one…

All births are different and all are unpredictable.

We will discuss this in more depth during our consultation. Ultimately it’s your choice if you want me to continue to document I will. If you’d like me to stop and leave I will respect your wishes.

Number 8: Why would I want to hire a birth photographer?

Do you want the hassle of fumbling for your phone to take a quick snap? Or the likelihood that at least one of you might be missing from the picture?

Let’s face it – A birth photographer has the best equipment and technical knowledge for photographing births. They possess an artistic eye and have excellent editing skills using professional photographic software. 

They’ll produce that kind of images that have lead you here.

How many times have you settled for something less and then regretted it?

Number 9: What if I’m not happy about having the ‘crowning’ shot taken?

That’s ok, everyone’s different.

The crowning shot is quite a popular request because it’s your body doing something amazing that you won’t see without a mirror! For others, it’s a matter of finding an alternative spot in the birth space and respecting your wishes.

I’m committed to photographing your birth the way you want it. We can discuss your comfort levels in more depth during our consultation.

Number 10: How long will you stay?

As long as it takes to deliver your baby. I also stay up to two hours after birth to document and record those first precious moments. For example skin to skin, cutting the cord, the placenta, the first feed, first cuddles with dad and so much more.

Number 11: Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

I’m based in Porthcawl and am perfectly situated on the M4 corridor.  I cover all areas within an hour and a bit of Porthcawl in either direction. Get in touch with your location if you think I may not cover it. I’m happy to travel further if requested (additional travel charges will apply).

Number 12: Do I need to let my Doctor/Midwife/Doula know I’ve hired a birth photographer?

Yes. If any of them would like to meet me beforehand please pass on my details. I’d be more than happy to meet with them to answer any questions they have.

Number 13: What if you miss the birth?

Birth is unpredictable and no one knows for sure how it will unfold. Especially precipitous births, these are not the fault of the birthing woman or the photographer.

If the actual birth is missed, I will continue to come to your place of birth and will start documenting from the moment I arrive.

Again, we talk in-depth about this on your free call!

I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you have a question and it hasn’t appeared here, just shoot me a message and I’ll answer it.

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