Transform The Birth Pictures You Have On Your Phone!

Unless you’ve hired a professional birth photographer chances are you’ve used a mobile phone to take some pictures of your birth.

As I write this, we are right in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe you hired a professional birth photographer but circumstances have meant they can no longer be there to capture your birth story.

Your only option at this time might be to use your phone.

Or you may not have been in a position to afford a professional birth photographer.

Although the quality and ability to enlarge phone images are not as good as a professional camera. Phone photography is a compromise.

To be clear – A professional birth photographer with the best equipment and artistic eye is the best option if you want a high-end product and service. Weigh up the options as you would if you were considering hiring a wedding photographer. Are you content to take photographs using just a mobile phone?

If the answer is yes, then take a glimpse at the editing service I offer which is available wherever you are in the world.

Whether you take some photographs during your home birth, at the hospital, at the birth centre or in theatre. I can edit them to give them that documentary style I know you love.

And when I say EDIT, I don’t mean I’ll just slap a filter on or use a one-click preset.


I mean, I’ll hand-edit them individually.

That means I’ll turn my computer on and open up your image in Photoshop.

I’ll convert it into black and white using the exact same techniques and skills that I use to edit all my professional work.

Your birth images will get the exact same time, care and attention they deserve.

Because I know how important these moments are to you.

How much?

One pro-image edit will costs you just £6 and has a turnaround time of 4/5 days!

Plus there are money-off coupons below if you buy in bulk!

Let me show you what I can do to your birth images for as little as £6 (- – > Less than the cost of a giant bag of Yorkshire teabags!)

“I am really delighted with the photos that Jo edited for me; it’s such a lovely idea to take those precious images and give them some professional sparkle! It was so easy to order and the service was really efficient. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you, Jo!” – Hannah

“Jo’s photo wizardry has turned them into amazing images that we can return to time and time again” – Bethany

“Thank you so much, it’s perfect!” – Lucy

Would you love to transform your favorite birth pictures into stunning black and whites with a documentary feel, lovingly applied to them?

Here’s some discount codes you can put towards your order:

BUY 10 or more and use the code bulk10 to get 1 free!

BUY 6 or more and use the code: bulk6 to get £4 off your order!

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My main business and love is photographing births and it’s what I get hired to do the most.

But I know not everyone can afford my services (although I do now have vouchers available in the shop and I offer payment plans) and so I wanted to provide a service that WAS accessible to everyone, wherever you are in the world.

Editing the birth photos you have stored on your mobile phone is my best solution.

However, if birth photography is still a huge part of your birth plan – You can talk to me by booking a free call here!

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