Women who invite their mothers into their birth space

I recently posted on Facebook a favourite image of mine that was taken at the first birth I was hired to photograph.

This image ~

This is Audrey holding her first grandchild having seen him just come into the world. There is a poignant moment I will always remember whilst photographing this birth. Just after Zach was born, I looked up from my camera and clocked eyes with Audrey. We looked at each other with tears streaming down our cheeks, we had just shared something that completely moved us. I will never forget that tearful glance.

With Mothers day fast approaching, I was intrigued to find out more from women who invite their mothers into the birth space. I asked them to share their story.

I wasn’t expecting the fabulous response I received. Thank you to each of the women who took the time to comment and share their experience. The most common response I received was…

I couldn’t have got through my birth without my Mum.”

When I had my first born 13 years ago (where this time has gone is a complete mystery to me!). Having my mother attend my birth was not something that had occurred to me. It wasn’t suggested or even heard off. My husband frequently tells me about the time my mother visited me during active labour.

Honesty, I have no recollection of this moment, other than my husband and mothers word that it did. I have nothing to show me that this moment even existed.

When I was in labour with my second son, it was my mum who stepped in to look after my son, and in doing so missed the birth of her second grandchild.

The women who commented on my post had some great birth stories. One lady wrote how her mother supported her throughout a very long labour, and then eventually caught her own grandchild. Another lady added that her mother and mother-in-law, each held onto a leg and both grandparents simultaneously witnessed the birth of their grandchild.

Now, as a birth photographer I can’t help thinking what amazing photographs these incredible moments would have made.

Picture it!

It is also infinitely important for me to mention that I am fortunate to have two wonderful women in my life, my birth mother and my second mum (I hate the term step-mother, Disney has certainly tainted this term for me). Both women are so close to each other, and I mean, ridiculously close.

The fact that they are so loving towards each other warms my soul.

How I wish, with all my heart I could turn back time and let them both witness their grandchildren taking their first breaths. How I wish they had been part of my journey to motherhood right from the very beginning.

Birth photography is so much more than that instant image you conjure up when you hear the term ‘birth photography’. You know the one I mean.

Its about documenting the people who were actually there, the people who supported you, its capturing the people that you love.

It also provides you with the opportunity to turn back time.

If you have a moment I would love you to check out this post on my Facebook page (link below) and enjoy the stories from the mothers and daughters who have come together during childbirth.

Feel free to add your story ~ I’d love to hear it.


I will conclude by saying:

Happy Mothers Day to all the extraordinary, marvelous and beautiful mums out there ~ I hope you get completely spoilt!”