IAPBP 2017 Birth Photography Competition

I’ve braved it and entered all four categories of the most prestigious birth photography competition in the world ~ The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers 2017.

When I discovered the genre of birth photography back in April 2016 the IAPBP was one of the first sites I discovered. It opened a door to the birth photography world and demonstrated what birth photographers were capable of capturing. For me it was love at first sight, it summoned me to pick up my camera and start my own business. It has been a very long wait since last April to have the confidence and work to enter into this competition and to be part of something wonderful.

I can honestly say I have fallen in love with this work, and although the hours are long and the commitment and dedication is hard it’s so worth every minute!

Through IAPBP I have been truly inspired by fellow birth photographers who’s work continues to astonish me on a worldwide daily basis.

I’ve entered it not for the purpose of winning, I’ve entered it because I want to be a part of this incredible movement that is bringing birth photography into the lime light. It’s about normalizing and documenting the beauty of birth. It’s about being part of a growing industry that is capturing the raw emotion of birth with stunning imagery.

I’m proud to say I have submitted my work to be alongside some of the most talented and exceptionally gifted birth photographers from around the world.

Winning isn’t the prize here ~ it really is “the taking part” that counts!

Its taking part and being involved in something that is changing how we see and feel about birth. It’s an insight into how women all over the world give birth.

The judges alone in this competition are some of the most highly regarded professionals in the birthing world. I have to admit that I get such a buzz knowing that each of these judges will cast their eyes on some of my work.

I can’t begin to imagine how difficult a task it will be to narrow it down to the winners. This will be an exciting week and the results will be announced soon ~ Best of luck everyone!

I can not wait to see this collection in one place. It will touch the hearts of thousands possibly millions – You’ll need to grab a tissue i’m sure!

Thank you IAPBP for making this such an incredible and monumental annual event ~ Im so happy to be part of it,

Here are my submissions ~





Take a minute to look through some websites from some of this years photographers ~

Jennifer Mason | Monet Moutrie | Brezi Merryman | Kayla Gonzales | Esther Edith | Vanessa Mendez | Kim Be | Michele Steiner | Isabell Steinert | Rachel Utain-Evans | Cameron Zegers | Jackie Parr-Akiona | Sophia Gueiros Costa | Hannah Palamara | Brittany Reynosa | Katie Lewis | Ashley Short | Jennifer Hamilton | Taryn Starkey | Jenny Gullen | Danica Donnelly | Kylie Garces |Tamara Milldove | Jessie Fultz | Elaine Baca | Dorothea Schulz | Ashlan Taylor | Jennifer Conway | Camille Borba | Holly Michelle |  Jessica Mielke  | Heather Sears | Raven Dibble | Kendall Blacker | Rachel Demand | Sarah Stanley | Ginessa Cline Pierson | Jessica French Peterson | Elizabeth DeGrazia Boyce |  Amanda Bradley McGhee | Donna Hedgcock | Nicole Churchin | Stephanie Entin | Julie Dater-Twomey | Carlee Melenko | Elise Hurst | Angie Klaus | Lana Abu-Shaheen