What happened at this home birth wasn’t planned.

What happened at this home birth wasn’t planned or discussed prior to me documenting it. It just happened.

Let me transport you back to March this year, to a beautiful, calm and quiet home birth. It was in the early hours of the morning when I received a call to say that my client’s contractions had started.

When I arrived I could see that my client was advancing quickly and that she was close to birthing her baby.

It was only after a short while of photographing that I realised something.

Something quite significant.

There wasn’t a mobile phone ANYWHERE.

None visible on any armchairs or perched on any shelves, or bulging out of trouser pockets.

Zero mobile phones.

It quickly occurred to me that I was the only one documenting these moments.

I found myself in quite a rare situation but one that I loved.

Watching a couple bring their baby into the world without the pressure of taking a quick snap or fiddling with phones was so heart-warming. They were experiencing their sons birth together in all its splendour without the worry of having to document it themselves.

They placed complete faith and trust in me that I would safeguard these moments for them.

All they wanted to do was experience it.

It was beautiful and breathtaking to capture.

What a privilege to be invited into this space and to be given the freedom to document their story without the intrusion of mobile phones. For them to later view their birth story through my eyes and from my perspective.

It was such an honour.

It occurred to me on the way home that these images were all they would have of their baby coming into the world.

In this day and age, getting your phone out to take pictures has become second nature it’s so hard not reach for our phones and start documenting and recording everything.

It was so refreshing not seeing a single mobile phone and realising that wherever I photographed in the room there would be no mobile staring back at me.

Thank you for placing your trust in me wholeheartedly.

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