I’ve Had Talks With Who on the Podcast?

Who have I had talks with on the Podcast?

You may or may not know, that I host a Podcast called The Adventures of a Birth Photographer.

Occasionally, I invite guests on which has resulted in some super conversations!

If you’re new to the podcast, this is a quick blog that’ll give you a quick recap of whose been on and what we chatted about.

If you know someone who’d enjoy the podcast or a particular interview, be sure to forward this blog to them.

Let’s go back…

to the earliest interview I did, which was with the fabulous Eva Rose, whose an incredible birth photographer, doula and good friend in Norway!

I interviewed Eva in episode 6 – we talked for well over an hour and deep-dived into all things birth and birth photography. We also talked about documenting her sister’s birth and the birth around the world tour.

I have been following Eva on Instagram since the beginning of my birth photography venture and I was so lucky to meet up with her and her partner OJ just before the pandemic struck.

There is so much juicy convo in this episode 

Listen Here!

Shortly after…

I invited two special past clients on the show whose birth I captured during the pandemic. In episode 11 I chatted with Midwife Antonia and partner Sean who spill the beans on what it was like having a birth photographer present during the birth of their daughter UNA.

In this episode, we also dip our toes into the time Antonia was a surrogate and how I photographed that birth too!

I wrote a blog about her surrogate journey and birth which you can read & see HERE.

Having them both come on the show, giving their unique perspectives was really special.

I ask them all the questions you might be curious about!

We also talked about goosebumps – you’ll have to tune in to find out why! 

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Next I invited fellow welsh birth worker Lisa Thompson to the show for episode 16…

this is such a valuable episode if you’re looking to breast/chest feed your babe.

Throughout this whole episode, Lisa shares her expertise and so many amazing resources and tips. Other topics we touched on included tandem feeding and expressing.

What I also loved, was chatting about common myths and old wives’ tales associated with breastfeeding and we even touched on neural pathways!

This is one episode I always send to my clients who are planning on breastfeeding.

It’s one to save for sure!!

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Then I wanted something completely different but still very much related to birth.

In episode 20 I invited Helen Knowles and Hermione Wiltshire to the show to tell us all about the Birth Rites Collection.

This was such an inspiring conversion about art and birth. We talked about how the collection began, the works that reside within it and the reactions some pieces have had with the public.

In case you are unaware, the Birth Rites Collection is one of the largest collections of contemporary artwork dedicated to childbirth in the world!

If like me, you have a passion and love for ART as well as birth, listen in and be prepared to be inspired.

Take the time to visit the collection in person and online – it is well worth your time.

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Then, it wasn’t until March this year that I had my next guest on the show.

My special guest happened to be my good friend Erika Townend whose a UK birth photographer, doula and hypnobirthing practitioner.

In episode 25, Erika breaks down what exactly hypnobirthing is and the benefits of using it for birth. Erika is softly spoken and is so knowledgeable.

It was sheer delight to talk about this subject with her, usually, we talk about birth photography and doula work!

There’s also talk of lemons…

I’m gonna let you find out – ->  why lemons??

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I was on a roll…

In the following episode, episode 26 I interviewed the lovely Saffa Farr who’s the editor of Juno Magazine.

You may or may not know that I have been writing a column for Juno magazine for about four years now.

It’s called birth in pictures.

I invited Saffia on the show to tell us more about JUNO, her role and the process that goes into publishing a bi-monthly magazine.

This is a really beautiful interview where Saffia shares so much about how she finds and shares the inspiration for gentle parenting, sustainable living, well being and community.

If you’re new to JUNO magazine, take a look at it, you won’t regret it!

Listen Here!

Then in my previous episode,

I interviewed Bec-Ellis, whose a wonderful poet and wordsmith!!

In episode 27, I invited Bec on the show to share her beautiful Motherhood poetry with us.

I was so delighted that she agreed to read out a selection of her favourite poems.

Bec’s Motherhood poetry is so relatable and what’s echoed in her words is so raw and beautifully authentic.

She recently released a book of her poetry called  A Mother Carries.

We talked about the process of creating this book and I have a copy on the way, I can’t wait to receive it!

If poetry is a love of yours too – this episode is wonderful!!

Listen Here!

And that’s all the interviews so far.

I do have some more up my sleeve and I can’t wait to talk to the brilliant people I have lined up!

I hope you find this blog helpful and enjoy diving into all the different conversations I’ve had so far.

I’m looking forward to all the future conversations I have yet to have.

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