5 Podcast Episodes to Help You Plan Your Birth!

Whether you’re planning a Hospital birth, Home birth or a Free birth – here’s 5 podcast episodes I recorded that can help you plan and prepare for your birth.

Hot Tip: Be sure to check out the show notes in each episode for the links mentioned on the show.

Number 1 (and the most listened to episode) is:

Ep1: How Looking at Birth Can Actually Help You –  Listen Here!

This is Episode 1 of the Podcast and in it, I share how looking at images of birth can actually help you and your birth partner prepare for birth. I also briefly take you back in time and then zoom you back into the present day to tell you how far we’ve come! I also share some of the BEST Instagram accounts for birth photography in the world. (in my humble opinion)  You’ll have so much to think about after hearing this episode, hopefully, it will give you a base to start from.

Number 2

Ep3. Ways to Make Your Postpartum Easier – Listen Here!

This episode covers all things postpartum. Planning for your postpartum can often get overlooked or neglected. In this short episode, I share a bunch of easy suggestions to make your postpartum time a little easier. I cover how preparing for this time is just as important as preparing for birth and how pre-cooking and batching meals will save you time (includes a bunch of meal prep ideas). I also touch on establishing boundaries and how to be much gentler to yourself after birth.

Number 3

Ep2. Remarkable Things You Can Do With Your Placenta – Listen Here!

In this episode, I explore some of the remarkable things you can do with your placenta, from consuming it to making a print from it! Some things might even surprise you, they surprised me, particularly the last one! This is a quick little episode that’ll give you plenty of ideas about what to do with your placenta. I cover over 10 remarkable things you might like to do with your placenta, be sure to check the show notes for links because there are loads in this episode.

Number 4

Ep13. A Savvy List For Your Home Birth – Listen Here!

This episode has had a bunch of downloads and is proving to be a popular one. If you’re planning a home birth and wondering what items you’ll need? Fear Not, I’ve got you covered in this episode! I list a shed load of items that you will need, things that are nice to have and a few things you might consider having, some might surprise you. Grab a pen and paper for this one and then hit play!

Number 5

Ep19. What’s the B.R.A.I.N Tool – Listen Here!

In this episode, I talk you through how you can use the B.R.A.I.N tool to make informed decisions during labour and birth. If the B.R.A.I.N tool is new to you, I highly recommend you give this short episode a go as it’ll explain all. Basically, it’s a method you and your birth partner can use each time you need to make a decision about anything related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It’s a quickie and will be well worth your time.

And how about a

BONUS suggestion…

Ep16. Talks with Lisa Thompson Breast/Chest feeding Expert Extraordinaire – Listen Here!

If you’re planning on breast/chestfeeding or are currently on a breast/chestfeeding journey this episode is worth your TIME! I invited Lisa Thompson (a fellow welsh birth worker) to the show to chat about her expertise and she generously shares so many amazing resources and tips. Topics also include Tandem feeding and Expressing. My favourite quote from the show was: “It’s a way to continue growing their baby in a beautiful way”. We also chat about the most common myths and old wives’ tales associated with breast/chestfeeding and touch on neural pathways! Find some quiet time and grab a notepad & pen and then hit PLAY!

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