Transformative Moments Captured

Does the thought of having your birth documented light you up inside and make your heart beat just that little bit faster?

My name is Jo and I am a photographer who specialises exclusively in capturing the profound details of childbirth. I document birth stories for mothers and families in South Wales and surrounding areas.

3 reasons why hitting that contact page and hiring me could be the best decision you make during your pregnancy!

You won't recall all the details, because birth can be a blur. I will capture and preserve the moments that matter most.

Your support network should be included in your birth story. Let me capture the expressions you will miss.

You want more than just a snap shot of your birth, you want artwork to display on your walls.

"Jo captured each phase of my birth beautifully and was next to me every step of the way to document it" - Phoebe Wright

I believe birth has never been documented quite so much throughout history via photography as it is today. I believe there is a massive shift in the birth world, more and more women are becoming aware of their birthrights and choices.

Women through the help of stunning, real, and raw images of birth are educating themselves more about the birth process and discovering and celebrating the notion that giving birth can be a pleasurable and powerful experience.

I believe birth photography is contributing a vital role to promote positivity during birth, it is building a visual platform for future generations of women.

Impacting mainstream birth culture, removing the stigma and fear from birth by promoting circulation of real, raw examples of childbirth in all its glory.

The images taken today will shape the way our daughters and granddaughters will feel about birth.

My work has been featured in


I didn’t even realise she was there.

She was discreet, and the end results were magnificent. It was incredible to look back on the most beautiful moment of my life, and even more so for my wife.

I would recommend Jo in a heartbeat. What a beautiful, amazing and talented woman."

Lee Davy Father to Zia Phoenix