What do dad’s think about hiring a birth photographer?


Lee Davy

“I wasn’t a fan of having a birth photographer. I thought she would get in the way and spoil the intimacy. I am glad to report I was wrong. I didn’t even realise she was there. She was discreet, and the end results were magnificent. It was incredible to look back on the most beautiful moment of my life, and even more so for my wife. I would recommend Jo in a heartbeat. What a beautiful, amazing and talented woman”.


Davy Write

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when the idea of having a birth photographer was brought up. From looking at Jo’s portfolio it was clear that she knew what she was doing, but I was still sceptical that having a photographer may dampen our birth experience as she may get in the way or take away from the intimacy. However we decided to give it a go and scheduled a meeting with Jo, and within five minutes of our meeting her, my wife and I were both happy to have her photograph our birth story. Our experience with Jo was amazing she captured the greatest moments through my wife’s labour and birth and did so discreetly. Thank you, Jo, for capturing precious memories, bringing good vibes and a good smile”!


Paul O’Donnell

We were lucky enough to have Jo document our home birth recently. There were 11 adults in the house, between family and midwives, so we’re really impressed at how stealthy and un-intrusive Jo was. This meant that the most intimate and emotional moments were captured perfectly naturally. If it weren’t for the incredible images that followed, I could easily forget there was a camera in the room. I can’t recommend Lillian Craze enough”!


Sam Bidgendy

In readiness for the arrival of our first boy, my wife was determined to arrange for a photographer to capture the main event. I had reservations from the moment she first mentioned the idea – I just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to share the birth of their baby with a stranger, who’d probably end up getting in the way of the midwife whilst getting us to pose for photographs throughout the whole thing… How wrong was I ?! Jo (our photographer) was amazing, leading up to, throughout and even after the birth. She met with us well in advance of my wife’s due date, reassuring us about what she would be doing during the delivery and asking us what we most wanted to be captured from the day. She respected our boundaries completely. On the day, she arrived at our house so quickly, with all her equipment prepared and did a great job of calming my wife during the early stages. After a few photographs at home, Jo travelled to the hospital with us. During my wife’s short labour, Jo was excellent. She was so supportive but also respected our space. She never asked either of us to move around so that she could get a certain shot, yet she still managed to capture each amazing moment – truly stunning work. The photographs she has since given us are remarkable. I am so glad we asked her to be a part of the experience and so grateful for what she has given us”!

Gaz Rye

“Well, I was a bit nervous about what to expect with having a photographer. Jo laid all my fears to rest…. A lovely lady with a very special eye for a picture. The scenes that she captured are amazing! We were very glad to have her around as she was a joy to be with. A happy friendly person with respect of what we had going on, so unobtrusive at times you hardly knew she was there. she was totally part of our birth experience and I highly recommend her”.



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