Is birth photography really worth the investment?

Great question, right?

And the simple answer is YES!
( but then I would say that wouldn’t I )

In a nutshell, birth photography encapsulates one of the most profound moments of your life.

Now I’m not going to bang on about all the reasons why you should hire a birth photographer because there’s a huge amount already written on this subject.

What I want you to consider is the investment, do you want to part with money?

Do you see the value in what you’re contemplating?

I get many people telling me I’m way too expensive! When you actually break it down, birth photography, like any other professional photography service is a luxury.

And to be completely honest, I don’t want to be on-call ( for up to 4/5 weeks ) and work my butt off for peanuts. I have a skill, an eye for a photograph and a huge amount of commitment – that’s where your money will be invested.

In me!

It’s you who has the dilemma of deciding if it’s really worth the investment.

What will become important to you?

Are the photographs you currently own valuable?

Lets for a moment talk about the fact that photographs will outlive us. They’re little time capsules that give us a glimpse into the past. Therefore, if you really think about it your investment into photography will keep on giving for generations!

So, how can I help you invest?

Well, for starters did you know I offer a gift registry? This enables family members and friends to put money towards something you really want.

Me, documenting your birth!

It’s also an easy way to make regular instalments ( I want to make it accessible for you )

Did I mention the gift registry is completely interest-free!

Another reason you might talk yourself out of hiring a birth photographer is that you think you could do it yourself or you’ve got a mate with a camera that’s happy to do it for nothing.

Sound familiar?

Now ask yourself what kind of photographs would you want from your birth?

Are you happy with just a snapshot on your phone? ( that you might or might not get printed. Or that might just get swallowed up with all the other photos on your phone. Or worse still, you lose your phone before you manage to make a copy! )

Do you want your photographs to be in focus?

Do you want creative and artistic images captured, something really special! ( the kind of images that instantly provides those feel-good vibes when you see them on your walls )

Do you want high-quality images, properly exposed images, professionally edited and printed images?

The list goes on.

Think about it – mate or professional?

By the time we get to your birth, we would have already developed a strong relationship. We will have formed a friendship that will continue well after your baby is born.

Think really hard about your investment and ask yourself is it worth it?

What would having these images mean to you, your family, your baby?

Not just in six weeks time, but when they start walking, start school, start college, go to uni, get a job, start their own family….

These images will still be there! They’re your instant transportation back to the day you birthed your baby.

What I wouldn’t give to print my memories!

My guess is you’re here because you’ve been looking into birth photography and you want to find out more.

This a great thing, hold on to that thought.

Consider the investment – then consider the gain.

How many other investments will tug at your heartstrings for the rest of your life?

So, is birth photography really worth the investment?

In a word – YES!!

I’ll leave you with a few visual reasons ( that might help convince you ) that hiring the right birth photographer will be the best investment you will EVER make! ( but then I would say that wouldn’t I! )




“Such an amazing experience having Jo at Zach’s birth. She made every effort at all times to make everyone calm, comfortable and able to enjoy the moment. The photos are just to die for.”






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