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Take a look at my worldwide mobile phone editing service exclusively for your birth images. If you've taken images of your birth using your phone, let me add a touch of magic to them.

There's also a wide choice of vouchers available and virtual 121 talks you can book.

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Your Mobile Phone Birth Images Edited

Do you have images of your birth stored on your phone?

If so, this brand new service might be just what you're looking for...

Allow me to transform your birth photos by adding a touch of my editing magic to them.

I'll hand-edit your valuable birth images in my signature style using my Photoshop skills and it won't cost you the earth either!


Gift Vouchers

Looking for something special for someone who's expecting soon?

Why not consider gifting credit towards my new mobile phone birth editing service (available worldwide) or to put towards a professional maternity, birth, newborn or motherhood session or doula support.

Vouchers available: £20, £50, £150, £250 or £500


Implementing a Birth Plan/Preferences

Virtual Doula 1-2-1 Call -

Book a 45-minute video call and we'll go through the resources available to help you make informed choices around how you would like to give birth.

We'll cover, where you give birth, your birth partner and things to consider during labour, birth and postpartum!

Plus a bunch of resources to checkout!

Price - £19.00

Debriefing Your Birth Story

Virtual Postnatal Doula 1-2-1 Call (45 minutes)

You've just had a baby. Your body just did this amazing thing and now you need somewhere to process it all.

Whether you've experienced an empowered birth or a complicated traumatic birth, having a safe space to talk about it helps heaps!

Debriefing our births is part of the healing process.

Price - £19.00

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For now, why not just download my free Birth in Pictures Visual Ebook.

"This guide is amazing. I love how you're getting a lot of info across in a realistic and positive way without the need for lots of words. It' really effective and user friendly, I haven't seen anything like it before" - Ky