Implementing a Birth Plan


Virtual Doula 1-2-1 Call – Available Worldwide

You’re having a baby – Huge congratulations!

Let’s get together and put your birth plans in writing.

On our 45-minute video call, we’ll chat about where you plan to give birth, who your birth partners will be, plus I’ll arm you with resources to make informed choices.

We will also talk about labour positions, birth positions, pain relief and your postpartum period.



Virtual Doula 1-2-1 Call is Available worldwide.

Implementing your birth preferences and formulating a birth plan together.

Book a 45-minute video call and we’ll go through the resources available to help you make informed choices around how you would like to give birth. We’ll cover, where you want to give birth, birth partners, plus things to consider during labour, birth and postpartum!

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