Honest and powerful birth photography for awe-inspiring women 

What is birth photography?

In a nutshell birth photography is the full photographic coverage of your labour, birth and postpartum.

It's documented moments from your birth that cannot be rehearsed, paused, or reproduced.

I know you've been planning a lot for this baby, much like you would plan for a wedding.

Therefore, wouldn't you want something magical to own at the end of it?

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"I have never heard of anyone regretting hiring a birth photographer, but I have heard from plenty who have regretted not hiring one"


What's included in all my packages?


1. Up to two consultations

2. 24/7 on-call time from 38 weeks until your baby arrives.

3. Full coverage of your labour, birth and up to two hours postpartum.

4. A web-ready image within 24 hours to use as an announcement image.

5. A full gallery within 14-21 days with a choice of the finest products to select from.

6. Tons of additional support and little extras along the way!

7. My experience and knowledge of working within the birth space

8. Complementary Maternity session (worth £170!)


Birth stories are available in various scrumptious packages and come with an option to spread the cost.

If my work shouts YES, don't sit on the fence any longer or wait to be talked out of it.

What about the price, you ask?

I could be that person who just throws pricing at you and leaves you to "figure it out", but I'm not.

Let's talk through the options available so you make the best possible choice.

Yes, on the phone because this is a big deal!

Birth photography coverage starts at £1050

Easy payment plans available at no additional cost

Only a very limited number of births are available in 2019 - Find out if your due date is still free by clicking on the button below (you know you want to!)

" For anyone who is unsure, or thinks it's too expensive, please take a leap of faith. It'll be one of the best decisions and investments you will make and you'll be in very safe hands if you choose Jo as your birth photographer - there's no way you'd regret it, but you may regret not booking her!" - Lauren