Honest and powerful birth photography for awe-inspiring women

What does birth photography involve?

In a nutshell birth photography is the photographic coverage of your labour, birth and postpartum.

I will document moments from your birth that cannot be rehearsed, paused, or reproduced. It will only happen ONCE.

Every woman has different comfort levels and I only document moments from your birth that you are comfortable with.

I know you've been planning a lot for this baby, much like you would plan a wedding, so why not have something magical to own at the end of it?

Birth photography is on the cusp of a wave, it's still relatively new here in the UK and it is growing in popularity every day.

Want to learn more or have questions?

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"I have never heard of anyone regretting hiring a birth photographer, but I have heard from plenty who have regretted not hiring one"


What's included in my packages?


1. A super friendly and relaxed consultation at your home or via facetime at a time that great for you!

2. 24/7 on-call time from 38 weeks until your baby arrives.

3. Full coverage of your labour, birth and up to two hours postpartum.

4. A web-ready image within 24 hours to use as an announcement image.

5. A full gallery within 7/10 days, because who can wait longer than that!

6. BONUS > I'm currently training to be a Doula so you'll receive additional support plus oodles of little extras!


Birth stories start at £995 and there are various scrumptious packages to choose from.


A £250 deposit is required upon booking.


ONLY a limited number of births are available in 2019 - Get in touch to check if your due date is free.


If my work shouts YES, book a call and let's make some magic!!


" For anyone who is unsure, or thinks it's too expensive, please take a leap of faith. It'll be one of the best decisions and investments you will make and you'll be in very safe hands if you choose Jo as your birth photographer - there's no way you'd regret it, but you may regret not booking her!" - Lauren