Trailer: Introducing The Adventures of a Birth Photographer Podcast

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Join me, your host Jo Robertson, as I begin this podcasting journey with you. This is a taster of all the good things to come with a touch of humor added at the end!

In this short introduction trailer I’ll be covering my plans for the podcast, letting you know who I am and why I love all things birth and birth photography! If birth is your jam, welcome aboard my friend!

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Episode 4: There Was This One Time & Other Stories!

Welcome to episode 4 of the Podcast. Today’s episode is a little different – – > Come and listen in on 5 unique true stories that have happened to me over the course of almost five years! I’ve picked some of the most memorable tales to share with you.

There’s a touch of humor, some embarrassing moments, and one situation that caused me to fall to my knees sobbing (this tale almost broke me!!)

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Episode 3: Ways To Make Your Postpartum Easier!

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 3 of the Podcast, today I’m talking all about postpartum. Planning for your postpartum can often get overlooked or neglected. In this short episode, I’m sharing a bunch of easy suggestions to make your postpartum time a little easier. 

I’ll be covering how preparing for this time is just as important as preparing for birth and how pre-cooking and batching meals will save you time. I also touch on establishing boundaries and how to be much gentler to yourself after birth.

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Episode 2: Remarkable Things You Can Do With Your Placenta!

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Podcast. In today’s episode, I’ll be exploring some of the remarkable things you can do with your placenta, from consuming it to making a print from it!

Some things might even surprise you, they surprised me, particularly the last one! This is a quick little episode that’ll give you plenty of ideas about what to do with your placenta. It’s loosely based on a blog I wrote a while ago. I’ll leave a link to the blog below as it’s crammed with hyperlinks to all the things I mention.

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Episode 1: How Looking At Birth Can Actually Help You!

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Podcast. I’ll be sharing how looking at images of birth can actually help you prepare for birth. I’ll also briefly take you back in time and then zoom you back into the present day to tell you how far we’ve come! 

I’ll be sharing some awesome Instagram accounts for you to lookup, the BEST accounts for birth photography in the world. (in my humble opinion)  You’ll have so much to think about after hearing this episode. I hope it’ll give you a whole bunch of ideas! 

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