What to Expect on The Adventures of a Birth Photographer Podcast

Here’s a little insight into what you can expect to hear on my brand new Podcast called The Adventures of a Birth Photographer!

Trust me, I don’t take it lightly that you’re here reading this,  I know how busy our lives are. If you’d rather listen to the episode than read this, just click below.

I’m going to keep this relatively short. I thought it would be handy to give you a breakdown of all the different things I’ll be covering on the show. As the podcast grows and expands, I hope you’ll continue to join me and see where this adventure takes us both.

Behind the scenes I’ve been scribbling down notes about some of the topics I’ll be covering and (I won’t lie) I’m kinda excited about future episodes I have planned!

Some of the key factors I’ll be exploring

Will be having conversations around all things birth and birth photography. Guiding you in the ways of how viewing birth can help you plan or prep for birth. How you can use birth photography to help educate yourself or someone else about the benefits of viewing images of birth.

I’m a massive advocate for women viewing other women birthing. It’s a message I repeat throughout most of my posts because it’s so valuable.

Deep-diving into why you might want to hire a birth photographer and questions you might want to ask a birth photographer. I’ll be filling you in on my adventures about life on-call, real-life situations and why I got into this work.

And chatting to past clients who’ll be answering lots of questions. Plus, I’m planning on interviewing a whole host of fabulous guests that are currently doing amazing things in the birth world.

I’m planning bite-size episodes

That will be straight to the point and easy to digest. They’ll last approximately 20 minutes (although I’m not a clock watcher so they could be longer or shorter)  For guest interviews, an episode might be up to one hour, who knows?

My aim with each episode is to give you some kind of quick fix, some reassurance and inspiration when it comes to planning your birth!

I decided to go with podcasting rather than video because I’m a huge fan of podcasts myself. (if not slightly addicted to them!) I’ll be brutally honest and confess that doing a podcast means:

  • I don’t need to put makeup on
  • I can record an episode in comfy clothes 
  • This Equals a – – > win-win for me!

And there’s something neat about being in someone’s earbuds, it’s like a direct line to the brain!

I’ve debated a lot

About the use of bad language or dropping the f-bomb and in all honesty, I do swear. It’s not something I do a lot, but I do swear. So I’m not ruling it out.

Some of the guests I am planning on having on the podcast do drop the F-bomb which is why I’m kinda drawn to them. Sometimes a good swear word just emphasises the message we’re trying to put in the world.

Occasionally there will be bad language and when there is I’ll add the letter E in a box (for explicit) and you know to pop your headphones on.

In this trailer episode

I also share quite a vulnerable thing with you. It’s one of the things that’s stopped me from releasing the podcast sooner. I won’t go into it here, you’ll have to listen to the trailer to find out. It’s only 12 minutes long.

I hope this little taster episode has enticed you to come a little deeper into my world and to tune into my next episode or even subscribe to the show!

You can listen on a bunch of podcast platforms including iTunesSpotify, Podcast Addict and a bunch more!

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