NEW - "Thru Glass" Mini Sessions

Let's explore and experiment with thru glass and social distancing maternity and newborn portraits.


Let's make some art together

Session Fee £79

Hello there! 

Thank you for stopping by, it's so lovely to meet you.

I'm Jo Robertson, birth photographer, doula and someone who loves a good challenge!

I'm excited to be offering these mini experimental sessions from the safety of your home.

I want to produce totally unique and out of the ordinary images for you.

Let's push some creative boundaries together.

I hope you'll consider coming along for the ride... 

Who knows what magic we'll capture thru glass or at a distance? 


"The session was short and non-intrusive, social distancing was adhered to at all times. All I had to do was cuddle my new baby, the results were better than I could ever imagine. If I ever have have another child, I'll be saving from one day so that I can have my whole birth photographed" - Alex Hobbs

Give Me All The Details...


  • The session takes no longer than 20 minutes. 
  • Suitable for Maternity, Newly Born babes and breastfeeding/bottle-feeding mums.
  • We can do the session through the glass windows & doors of your home or out in the garden (at a safe distance of course!)
  • Every booking comes with a 10-minute pre-session call so you'll know what to expect before I arrive.
  • Option to "Just Buy What You Love" - purchase additional files at £35 each or Collections start at £165
  • Booking also means you'll be filled with joy because you'll ve supporting a small business during this time!

Not sure about booking right now but you'd like to stay in touch!

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