Birth Photography and the Importance of Getting Dad in the Picture

With Fathers Day looming I wanted to write about birth photography and the importance of getting dad in the picture.

Straight up…

Dads, you need to be in the birth photographs.

You don’t need to be gripping hold of your phone or worrying where you left it.

Furthermore, you need to have your hands free so you can hold hers.
I will capture these moments for both of you.

Most of my enquires for birth photography come from women who are considering having their births captured. However, it’s usually the husbands or partners who aren’t quite sure about it. It’s for this reason that I always insist that the expectant father is available to discuss birth photography at consultations because after all, it’s their birth story too.

I often chat about this subject with my husband, why not take a look at my husband’s view on birth photography

Investing in birth photography will be hugely beneficial for both of you, it means you’ll be able to relax knowing you don’t need to worry about taking pictures. This is unlike any other kind of photography session you’ve ever experienced. There’s no posing, no cheesy smiles, and zero interruptions. I work around you like a fly on the wall, and all my past clients have said they didn’t even know I was there.

I think it’s vital that upon meeting there is an instant connection and an opportunity to see if trust can be established between all three of us. This super relaxed chat is a chance for me to eradicate any worries or concerns you both might have about hiring someone to photograph your birth story.  The birth space is such a sacred space to document within. It’s very important to me that you are both comfortable and happy for me to capture all the special moments as they unfold.

As an expectant dad, you are about to embark on a transformative and possibly long experience full of emotion. The support and love generated during labour, birth and post-partum between the couples I document is something that makes me feel all toastie on the inside.

While your partner is in labour she might not notice or recall this look –

but a professional birth photographer with a keen eye for detail will.

You won’t remember how tightly you held each other’s hands during a contraction, but I will.

Or how your bodies intertwined and connected like this.

Let me show you how you worked together to bring your baby into the world.

Getting dad in the frame will allow him to see how much he was part of the birth story.

” Your mates may give you some banter for having a birth photographer; let them do it. As a dad who loves his kids, this is the best way to capture an amazing part of your life” – Chris

Dads, by putting your phone down it will give you complete freedom to be supportive, involved and enjoy the experience.

You don’t want your birth story to be missing a certain someone, do you?

Are you ready to look into the possibility of hiring a birth photographer, just like these guys did!

Maybe these images will shine a little light on just how important it is.

Let me piece together your journey, and make it whole.

Happy Fathers Day!!

Wait, don’t go just yet…

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