3 reasons why owning a dog is great for my business

Did you know that today, 20th February is love your pet day?


In honour of this, I’ve decided to write a short blog entitled three reasons why owning a dog is great for my business!


Some background info, we have a beautiful (well I think so) beagle called Nelly, and she has just turned four.

Here goes:


Reason Number One

Nelly requires walking!

This is both good for the body and the mind. It means I have to walk away or stop what I’m doing in order for her to have a walk. Taking this break allows me time to step away from my desk and get outside for some fresh air. It’s often during this time that I get new ideas and inspiration (it could also be linked to the sea air?) I like my own company, and enjoy quiet time just me and my thoughts. I actually look forward to the look she gives me that says “walkies”.  It’s always a good idea to break your day up, to get outside to take in the scenery and return to your workplace with fresh ideas and new outlooks. Whatever the weather, we make sure we get out of the house! She’s good for me and she’s great for my business.


Reason Number Two

Generally, other dog owners are drawn to you because you have a dog!

This is often when I find I have the opportunity to spark up a conversation about my work (I don’t just blurt out that I’m a birth photographer, somehow I just manage to throw it in there somehow) It nearly always captures their attention and interest. Who know’s who they’ll go on to tell later that day, that they met a lady who photographs births. It’s always a great conversation starter and people love to discover new things and tell stories. I happen to think this is great for my business, it also gets people talking about birth and if I’m really lucky they might even end up taking a peek at my website.


Reason Number Three

Nelly brings us closer as a family were part of her pack!

Sometimes we all need to step away from our work and just enjoy quality time together, she an extension of our family. Running your own business means you work long, unusual hours and she is always curled up beside me, my constant companion.  Nelly is also a brilliant subject matter to practice my photography and editing skills on. I guess thinking about it she also makes a pretty good guard dog too, warning off strangers that pass our house. Nelly is undoubtedly a great asset to our family and my business and she just happens to give the best cwtches (the welsh term for cuddles, pronounced coo-tch-es). I’m also drawn to her unbelievable velvet like ears (weird I know) she hears all my secrets and worries, and she never tells a soul.

What does being a dog owner mean to you? Let me know, why not leave a comment on my facebook page.

Happy Love Your Pet Day!


~ Introducing Nelly ~








P.S – I know this blog has nothing to do with birth photography, but I thought I let you know that I love dogs (all animals in fact). If you’re planning a home birth and you have pets you can rest assured I will include them in your birth story. I understand what a huge part of your lives they are, just like Nelly is in ours.  Take a look around my website

P.P.S – I promised it would be a short one!

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