I'm so excited you've made it this far and want to discover more.

I imagine you've got a lot of questions.

You want to know if we will connect – that's so important right?

That's why we will meet at least two times before your birth. I love to have a good catch up over coffee and talk all things birth, and that way when the big day comes we will be more like friends.

Maybe you want me to tell you how my images might make you feel when you look at them. This is impossible of course, but I can share with you how others have felt.

I believe birth is beautiful, every single detail ~ and so do you.

You want more than just a snapshot of your birth, you want beauty captured. 

You want to work with someone you feel comfortable with.

You want emotions caught as art.

You want life, love, and tears jumping off the page.

and so do I.

I want to join you on your emotional journey.

All my work is lovingly edited and transformed into black and white. For me, this is the perfect platform for great storytelling and when framed they are incredibly captivating.

Without a doubt, I'm a photography lover who is constantly armed with a camera. I'm a wife and a Mum to two gorgeous boys. Life can be manic, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I wear my socks inside out, and 9 times out of 10 they are odd! My true weakness is chocolate but bizarrely not chocolate ice-cream. I love an ice-cold gin and tonic in a tall thin glass, with lime not lemon. Despite living along a beautiful coastline I loathe sand (it seems to get everywhere!).

Why did I become a birth photographer?

It's a long story, let's meet up I'd love to tell you all about it. 

Do I cry at births? (I have, but it's never prevented me from getting a picture).

I will tell your story ~ if you let me...

Sending you the warmest of welsh hugs,

P.S Click the connect button, let's start planning your birth story.

"Such an amazing experience having Jo at Zach's birth. She made every effort at all times to make everyone calm, comfortable and able to enjoy the moment. The photos are just to die for. They are moments that I am so glad were captured and so perfectly. I honestly hardly remember her being there, once to say that she had arrived and after everything was over.
I'm glad we met up before the birth and I can honestly say that I feel so close to Jo after everything and can't wait for round 2!!"
Ffion Pitman Mother of Zach